With 10 offices across the country, MK&C is at the forefront of local governmental law on a national level.  We represent municipalities, boards of education, special districts, public utilities, and other governmental bodies in a wide array of cases in the 8 states in which the firm has offices. Our attorneys are frequently sought after by municipal and other government officials to defend them with respect to a broad range of litigation. 
In New Jersey, MK&C serves as one of the largest defense firms of municipal boards of education.  Our New Jersey offices represent 47 school districts in Bergen County, New Jersey alone. 
We also regularly defend police officers, firefighters, lifeguards, and other first responders, as well as school faculty and personnel and the government agencies for which they work in wrongful death cases, general tort cases, cases involving civil rights claims under 42 USC §1983 and other claims alleging wrongful arrest, Fourth Amendment search and seizure violations, excessive force, Eighth Amendment violations, failure to protect and negligence in the performance of their duties.  
Our attorneys also routinely advise public bodies and their officials with respect to matters that are, or are likely to be, litigated. We appear on their behalf in courts and other tribunals to defend them in matters such as employment discrimination cases, punitive damage claims, general municipal liability defense, and asbestos and lead paint claims.
MK&C’s attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of the applicable Tort Claims Act available in each jurisdiction in which they practice, as well as the various immunities and defenses our clients may avail themselves to under these statutes. This detailed understanding has allowed MK&C attorneys to repeatedly obtain dismissal of claims asserted against clients early in the litigation process, if not preclude claims from proceeding to litigation altogether. It has also enabled MK&C attorneys to successfully try cases throughout the country.