MK&C’s Life, Health, Disability & ERISA practice not only supplies all of the resources expected of a national law firm, but also provides our clients with the personalized counsel that’s ordinarily come to be expected from smaller firms. Since our practice team members are based in local offices throughout the Northeast, Florida, and California, MK&C has the ability to assist our clients by working with them face-to-face when the need arises. We understand that this approach is crucial to help our clients given the intricate nature of life, health, disability, and ERISA laws and regulations they face on a daily basis.

Our client base varies widely through the practice. Not only does MK&C represent insurers, plans, employers, fiduciaries and third-party administrators, the firmalso works closely with underwriters, claims personnel, insurance agents and contract drafters. We represent these clients in almost every kind of situation. MK&C attorneys have defended cases involving life insurance rescission and claims issues, wrongful discharge under ERISA, eligibility for ERISA medical benefits and medical provider insurance fraud. We also provide advice and guidance for ERISA fiduciary matters and help clients address such issues as federal pre-emption, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud and misrepresentation, reporting and disclosure, and potential financial exposure.