Gary Intoccia obtained a no cause of action on behalf of his client in a matter tried in the United States District Court, Camden Vicinage, New Jersey. Mr. Intoccia represented a WaveRunner rental facility in New Jersey that rented the WaveRunners. Plaintiff was a passenger on a Waverunner involved in a collision with another WaveRunner rented by the same establishment. Plaintiff filed suit against both operators and the rental facility. Both operators were uninsured and in default.    

Plaintiff alleged that Mr. Intoccia’s client negligently instructed and supervised the operators and caused the accident. As a result of the accident, plaintiff, who was 16 years old at the time, sustained a serious leg injury requiring several surgeries and permanent hardware and scarring. After a full trial, the court found that plaintiff had not met his burden in proving that the rental facility was negligent by either providing deficient instructions or supervision of the WaveRunner renters. Rather, the court found the uninsured codefendants negligent and the ultimate cause of the accident.