McGivney, Kluger & Cook’s Life Sciences Team ("LST") is composed of accomplished attorneys and support staff with proven experience in a broad array of disciplines and issues related to life sciences. LST attorneys have represented numerous clients as counselors and litigators – locally, regionally and nationally. Our team members are seasoned in alternative dispute resolution techniques (ADR) and nation-wide litigation management. LST attorneys have represented clients in state and federal courts throughout the country. Clients value our LST members for their skill, creativity and innovation, scientific knowledge, focus and tenacity.

Our clients include: pharmaceutical companies; manufacturers of medical devices, biotechnology products, biochemical products and dietary supplements; and healthcare providers including hospitals, long-term care facilities, physicians as well as other healthcare professionals.

MK&C has represented pharmaceutical companies in defense of adverse drug reaction claims. LST attorneys have been local and/or national counsel defending litigation against manufacturers of Fen/Phen, Thorotrast, latex gloves and Darvocet. In the Fen/Phen and Thorotrast litigations, the LST attorneys successfully obtained dismissals in thousands of cases utilizing Daubert/Frye challenges to experts, as well as the Learned Intermediary Doctrine, in both state and federal courts and in the MDL. LST attorneys have also defended litigation alleging the transmission of disease from blood tranfusions and the use of factor concentrates.

Medical Devices
We have in-depth industry experience and proven results in defending manufacturers of medical monitoring systems, dermatological devices, prosthetic devices, bone screw implants, defibrillators, intraocular lens implants, wheelchair designs, diagnostic imaging and other research equipment.

Health Care Services
Our LST attorneys and support staff have extensive experience with the unique legal and medical issues associated with Public Health, Long Term, Assisted Living, Post-Acute and Rehabilitative Care. LST attorneys include a former General Counsel and current Members of the Board of several Long Term Care facilities. LST support staff include experienced medical personnel who have worked in acute care, home care and skilled nursing facilities. 

Other Significant Experience
MK&C has also had significant experience in other emerging areas where new life sciences claims are being asserted including: dietary supplements containing usnic acid, human growth hormones and other additives/substances; and nanotechonology (one of our LST attorneys has a degree in chemistry and focused his research on the synthesis of organic compounds potentially useful in nanodevices).

We have a proven record of success in a vast array of disciplines on behalf of a wide variety of clients in the life sciences fields. The LST attorneys and support staff are well-positioned to handle, cost-effectively, mature litigation as well as any emerging litigation in this rapidly changing and expanding field.