McGivney, Kluger & Cook has delivered exceptional client service since our inception in 1994.

At McGivney, Kluger & Cook, we practice law consistent with our core values of providing an aggressive and high quality defense while closely adhering to structured budgets. Because of our adherence to our guiding principles and our attention to providing an exceptional client service experience, we have grown from a single office in Florham Park, New Jersey, to 11 locations nationwide, many of which are in the country’s major metropolitan areas, including New York City, Los Angeles, and others. Despite our growth, we maintain a solid reputation with our corporate clients and within the insurance industry. 

We are successful for many reasons. We have proven backgrounds, expertise, and track records in diverse practice areas. We provide our clients with great value, and we serve them in a highly professional and efficient manner. Unlike other firms, we don’t angle to get out of the case.

We are fearless in trial settings. We are in it to win it.

Our highly trained team of approximately 100 attorneys and legal staff, along with our state-of-the-art technology, enables our firm to stay on top of the latest legal developments while efficiently managing litigation of any size. We control costs through the judicious use of our paralegal team, which maximizes the efficiency of our legal staff and their pursuit of successful litigation strategies.

We are pragmatic, knowledgeable, and experienced, and provide early and realistic assessments of our client’s prospects in each case. If quick resolution of a claim is warranted, our rationale is explained to our client immediately. However, if a trial becomes necessary, each one of our trial groups possesses the skills and expertise to prevail at the trial and appellate levels.

Despite our firm’s rapid growth over the years, we have maintained a solid reputation within our own industry, within the insurance industry, and with the corporations and private clients we represent. Providing exceptional service and maximizing our client’s success—while doing it in an efficient and cost-effective manner—is our signature.