At McGivney, Kluger & Cook, we believe that a diverse workforce makes us a stronger and better law firm.
Here at McGivney, Kluger & Cook, we seek to recruit, train, retain, and promote firm members who are diverse in every sense of the word. Having a diverse workforce enables us to bring a broader perspective to the problems our clients face, leads to a higher quality of work, and also enriches the work environment. It is MK&C’s goal to foster and maintain a culture that supports and promotes diversity so that each employee, regardless of his or her background feels welcome, included, valued, supported, and able to succeed and thrive.
McGivney, Kluger & Cook is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the quality of life for its attorneys and staff. The firm strives to create and preserve an environment that allows our colleagues to fully pursue their principles, interests, and passions apart from the legal profession. We respect individual circumstances and lifestyles, and we endeavor to provide an environment that fosters dedication to our clients and commitment to quality work, while conveying an obligation to our families and the communities we serve.
Most important, we recognize that a commitment to diversity requires continued attention and effort. Achieving and supporting diversity is a key priority at McGivney, Kluger & Cook.